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Lord Spider and the Time Infinity Stone_Plot Bunny :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 7 5 Modern Age Lady Sketches :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 6 6 Spider-man and Lady Spider Cover Page :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 8 7 Lillith Concept :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 8 19 Teavil :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 7 3 Random Lady Fact #5 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 5 0 Random Lady Fact #4 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 7 0 Respect and Fear - Greed and Wrath :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 7 7 Question 48 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 5 3 Question 47 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 5 3 Random Lady fact #3 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 5 2 Random Lady fact #2 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 8 1 Modern Age Lady Spider :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 12 2 Stunning - Spiderette :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 8 3 Random Lady fact #1 :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 9 6 A.C.T - Preview :iconspiderninja24:SpiderNinja24 4 4



Lord Spider and the Time Infinity Stone_Plot Bunny
I has been attacked by a plot bunny that will not die. Okay the idea I had here is what would happen is Lady from when she was alive and called herself Lord Spider would react to seeing the present and the whole Omega Cluster base and members. She would have no memory of anyone because it has happened yet. How it happened I guess either the Time Infinity Stone was left unattended or planted there by a enemy. Lady touched it not knowing what it was transformed into her living self, Lord Spider.

If it was planted by someone, they attached it Lady. So if she comes in contact with someone they could either turn into a version of themselves in the past or future. Her reaction to seeing young people in tights though makes her think she is stuck in some mad metal circus with people claiming their from the future that know she is a woman when only 4 people actually knew her real identity, will not be good as you see here. Lady/Lord will be like a wild animal in the corner but with a sword that can cut through everything.

This idea was inspired a Avengers Assemble episode where Tony had the Time Infinity Stone stuck in his arc reactor. 

Spider-Leb belongs to: :iconjoey-gb-316:
Modern Age Lady Sketches
Some sketches I did during a lecture. Also somewhat inspired by this vine But no butts. But pants!
Lillith Concept
I wanted to work on some fun villains. The pen drawing is my friend's version of her.

Lillith has the ability to use a mind control on any person attracted to women if they see her tattoos. In her ordinary life she is Megan Lillian, a pushover who covers up her figure out of fear of being noticed which doesn't help with her pink hair, which is a bi-product of her powers. She is Asexual and is quite shy making it easy to push her around. However after finally breaking up from a toxic relationship her former partner took his revenge by throwing acid at her face, disfiguring her for life. After no one seemed to care or want to help her situation she took revenge as Lillith. Since then she continues being a villain out of pure adrenaline addiction. As Lillith she fulfills her fantasies of power that she can't do as push over Megan.

The Ultimate Spider-man show is now coming to a close with 4 Seasons under its belt its had a great run. Some of you maybe sad, some of you may be happy the show is gone. Yes, I am looking at you Spectacular Spider-man fans, writing down #BringbackSpecaularSpiderman and what not. But I am here to give you 10 reasons why this show existing is a good thing. Even though it killed your show. Sorry I loved Spectacular too but here are 10 reasons why Ultimate Spider-man is great.



10. White Tiger and Nova


Not many of you Ultimate Spidey fans know that Ava Ayala aka White Tiger and Sam Alexander aka Nova didn’t exist before this show. They were created for the Ultimate Spider-man show and were tested out in a few comics before the show aired.  In fact the first incarnation of White Tiger was Ava’s brother Hector Ayala who was created in the early 70s. Ava is actually the fifth White Tiger that has existed in the Marvel comics. Sam Alexander was created by Jeph Loeb and named after his son who passed from Bone cancer in 2006. Meaning without this show we wouldn’t have our Marvel golden trio, Nova, Spider-man (Miles) and Ms Marvel.  

These two mimic the how Reptil a character from the Superhero Squad show was brought into the Marvel comic world.


9. Mary-Jane


Okay we can all agree, even if you’re a Spectacular or Ultimate fans on one thing. Sam Raimi's Mary-Jane sucked. She was boring, bland and nothing like our feisty and fun MJ. Even in the 60 comics when female characters were boarder line ‘Gasp oh my stars’ for most of the time Mary-Jane was a cool character. The Party girl that didn’t care if Peter blew her off, she would just go make her own fun. The same went for Comic Ultimate Spider-man, she was fun and interesting and helped Peter in anyway. Ultimate Spider-man MJ took more from the Ultimate comics, a strong and almost Louise Lane kind of character but if there is one thing she made clear is that she is NOT a damsel in distress. And will not go down without a fight. That is a Mary-Jane that’s more fun to watch.


8. Scarlet Spider


Clones are a bit of a curse for the Spider-man franchises. Its what sank 90s Spider-man in my opinion. Mostly the fact that Mary-Jane was a hydro clone at the end of the series. I mean what the heck?! And the Clone saga is arguably the worst comic book arcs in Marvel History. The Scarlet Spider has had only 3 appearances on the screen. Two of them were very brief Cameos you had to squint to see, in Fantastic Four “Nightmare in Green” and in X-men “One man’s worth”. It was only at the end of Spider-man the animated series he had a speaking role. So people had a right to be nervous about Scarlet.


That might be why they refused to call him a clone. The Ultimate Spider-man however in this case is a hybrid of two famous Spider-man clones, Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker. Ben Reilly was the first Scarlet Spider and was Spider-man for a while. He believed that he was Peter Parker and made a deal with Peter. Peter would continue his life, as Peter Parker and Ben would keep being Spider-man. However that changed with Kaine a damaged clone of Spider-man that believed that Ben should leave Peter alone and stalked Ben. He eventually became the next Scarlet Spider and has his own comic book series. Ultimate Scarlet Spider has more of Kaine’s personality, looks and powers. With that all said he was enjoying watch and seeing him interact with the characters of the show. His dark brooding personality contrasted nicely with Spider-man and the show.


7. Hulk x Spider-man


If there is one thing that Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers Assemble and Hulk agents of S.M.A.S.H. did well is Hulk’s and Spiderman’s friendship. Two heroes that are seen as menaces or Monsters in the city they are trying to protect. That’s amazing; they can sympathise and get along on a level that the Avengers and Spidey’s friend don’t quite understand. Spider-man was somewhat fearful of the Hulk at first but wouldn’t hesitate to defend him or give him support that he needed.  While Hulk on the other hand feels like he owes Spider-man for his support and tries to help Spider-man grow and succeed every chance he gets. It’s a relationship that I hope the Marvel Cinematic Universe get to explore with Tom Holland’s Spider-man.  


6. Iron Patriot – Norman Osborn


Whether you like your Goblin in a costume or as a monster they are nothing without Norman Osborn. That is the one thing that Spectacular Spider-man and Ultimate Spider-man made clear, even when he isn’t the Green Goblin Norman Osborn is a dangerous man. In season 2 of Ultimate Spider-man when he appeared to solve his ‘Goblin Problem’ there was a lot of tension around Norman. As a long time Spider-man fan seeing Norman as the Iron Patriot sent chills down my spine. Osborn did a lot horrible things as the Iron Patriot. He even created his on Dark Avengers and had the Avengers on the run. With that added on background helped the episode. You couldn’t know if Spider-man should trust him or not. Or I he would become even worse then the Goblin.


5. The Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales


Miles is a great character character that was created by the comic book series that the show is loosely based off of. While he wanted created for the show like White Tiger and Nova this is his very first appearance on TV and he was amazing. He was a lot younger compared to other teenage heroes and acted that way too. And the Brother dynamic with Miles as the younger and Peter as the over protective older was fun to watch. And luck for us we will be seeing more of when Miles gets his own movie in 2018.


4. Ultimate Deadpool


I remember seeing people that even hated the Ultimate Spider-man series with a passion enjoy this one episode. Before Ultimate Deadpool has only appeared as a non-speaking cameo in two cartoons and one animated film, ‘Hulk vs Wolverine’ and Wolverine Origins, and we know how great that was. One of the complaints against Ultimate Spider-man is that he broke the four wall and ‘acted too much like Deadpool’ when Ironically before the Deadpool movie he was often mistaken as Spider-man and referenced that constantly. The Four-wall problem in this episode is completely shattered, like the four wall. Deadpool’s personality and the way his personality bounced of Spider-man and took over the entire episode, even made haters like this. The only downfall is that there weren’t any more episodes with him in it.   


3. Clever/Fun References


If there is one thing that this show likes to do is make references to the comic or other Marvel medias. Whether is referencing ‘Spider-man and his Amazing friends’ a 60/70s Spider-man TV show or Superior Spider-man you will find it. While the show is written in away to appeal to a younger audience it hasn’t forgotten older Spidey fans and tries hard to bring back old characters that were long forgotten like the howling commandos as well as introducing new ones like Miles.


2. New Young fans


While the show has ended it doesn’t mean that it’s the end for Ultimate Spider-man fans. For some fans this is only the beginning of their Marvel Journey. When I started I use to watch Spider-man the Animated series, The 90s Spider-man. Once I couldn’t get more episodes I got curious and started to read the comics, once I couldn’t get enough comics I watched Spectacular Spider-man and borrowed 60s comics from the library. I looked for more and more turning me into a hard-core fan. That process could happened to our Ultimate Spider-man fans, they will get curious and explore all these references that the show makes, they will look for more and discover more. Giving a bigger community and more fans to support our lovable wall-crawler.


1. Marvel Universe


While the Spectacular Spider-man series was flawless as a show it had problems behind the scenes. That problem was Sony and its dictator like control it had on Spider-man. Spider-man in that show NEVER interacted with any other Marvel character that wasn’t Spider-man’s world. No Avengers, no x-men, no SHIELD even one of Spider-man’s villains the Kingpin looked nothing like the original and appeared once as a cameo. Why? Because Kingpin is technically DareDevil’s main bad guy. One of my friends didn’t even know that Spider-man, X-men and Avengers are all in the same universe. It doesn’t stop there; does anyone remember the reference to Superhero squad in season 1? Well that’s the only appearance he ever made being in the show, even though he’s in the superhero squad game, and there are toys of him in the show’s style.  


What happened? Well Marvel planned to have a few episodes with Spider-man, Sony did make a deal with them however Sony suddenly decided they didn’t want Spider-man to be associated with their show. Flat Man had more screen time then Spider-man in this show. FLAT MAN!!! They literally had to do an episode of ‘With great Power comes Great Responsibility’ without Spider-man. That’s blasphemy! There wasn’t even a reference or sign that Spider-man existed in Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes till the second season, and it wasn’t the voice actor from Spectacular Spider-man. It was Drake Bell, Ultimate Spider-man’s voice actor.


That reference with Spider-man in the Superhero Squad show was like a middle finger to Sony. Tell them they could what ever they wanted with him with Disney now. Spider-man now how the freedom to crossover with any hero or beat up villains that weren’t his own. To person who spent most of their time watching ever Marvel show from SHS, X-men and even Iron man’s armoured adventures to find Spider-man this felt he was apart of a huge world filled with heroes.  


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